Reader Request: A Blue Crush!!

We frequently get design questions from readers and we try to answer as many as we can. One question we received was how to use blue in the home without making your space seem overdone. Our reader has a slight- or somewhat enormous – crush with the color blue. She loves different shades, textures and uses of the color. So, we decided that we would share with you as we did with our reader a few interiors that utilize the color blue in such a way that you can easily find inspiraton for your own home. Whether you like the color blue, have an obsession with anything blue, want to create the perfect summery living room, or just want to create an interior that is rich in color, either of these will give you design inspiration.







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A Preppy Bathroom Accessory…

We search relentlessly to find great products that are different but that we love. Worlds Away is one of those brands that we simply adore their products. Especially this hand-painted, cane patterned waste basket and tissue box set. While we are digging the great green and cream color, it’s also important to note that you can customize it with any Benjamin Moore color. Tole Kane Waste Basket and Tissue Box Cover -Worlds Away. docks and sets up shop in NYC!!

As we prepare to complete a client’s interior install in NYC, we were thrilled to find out that will be setting up their “indoor” flea market inspired space in the New York Design Center (NYDC). Imagine a showroom filled with antiques and vintage furnishings, and more importantly it will be open to the public. Six days a week shoppers can peruse the stands of the 53 dealers who occupy the 33,000-square-foot space. The range of styles on offer is so vast—from Regency armchairs to midcentury industrial lighting—that no matter what your taste, you’re sure to find something to love.

Here are few things we loved!


Lawn Chair with a Whole New Twist!

Meet the FildeFer Collection: a completely functional yet modernistic edge to the traditional lawn chair. Italian furniture designer Alessandra Baldereschi’s 2011 collection for Italian contemporary design company Skitsch, gives the modest lawn chair a generous dose of whimsy. The FildeFer Collection is not only practical but also whimsical in its use of slim iron rods and outlines of h upholstery. The entire collection is available in-store or by phone from , and comes in gray, green, blue or white.


Did Someone Say Art Deco?

Recently, we had a reader request for inspiration images for “art deco” design. So we pulled a view of our favorite images from Architectural Digest that shows the beauty of art deco. When you think art deco, imagine exotic woods, geometric motifs, and high-gloss finishes on furnishings.

images via Architectural Digest

Flea Market Shopping Tips!!

We are officially in the season of flea markets and great outdoor shopping! Over the weekend, we went hunting for a few great finds for the store. Since we have officially expanded the showroom, we now have great vintage finds and we are always on the lookout for great, timeless pieces. So we thought we would share with you a few tips to use when shopping your local flea markets! 

1. Be ready to go – aka “be prepared”

2. Dress in layers

3. Stay focused: “keep your eyes on the prize” – don’t be distracted by all the “stuff”

4. Have cash on hand and ready to bargain

5. Wear comfortable shoes

6. Be early – as the saying goes, “the early bird gets the most worm”

7. Have a friend on speed dial or on hand!

To read more tips and great ways to navigate the flea markets, visit !