Boiled Wool River Stone Stool

This ottoman was inspired by pebbles and stones along a riverbed. This Boiled Wool River Stone Stool can be used in many different settings. Add this rustic seating to your living room or bedroom and enjoy the comforts of the outdoors in your home. Visit to purchase your River Stone Stool today!

Stallions in Interior Design

Horses represent many things to many people. They are elegant and gentle yet powerful animals. Today, equestrians are being used in statue form more and more in interiors. Some statues show their classic and their manicured beauty, while others portray vigor, prestige and a deep cultural significance. These stallion statues can bring a sense of nature, stately beauty and strength when added to your interior.

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Fearless Shades of Green

Shades of green are all the rave this spring. We commonly see pops of green throughout a room – in accent furniture or throw pillows. The latest craze calls for us to be unafraid of the shade and paint it on walls or cabinets. Don’t hesitate to use black and white graphic patterns against your cool green walls, with other colors (like pinks and light blues) or even more green! Check out these fabulous interiors that display fearless shades of green.

Cool Green: Living room in a traditional New York apartment designed by Todd Klein.

Minty Green: Designer Timothy Whealon chose a gray paint which easily plays off the greens in the rest of the bedroom.

Bright Green: Designer Allison Paladino designed this oceanfront Palm Beach house with a daring bright green sun room.

Fresh Green: Kathryn Ireland designed this 1928 cottage and used a fresh green throughout the kitchen.

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Eternity Floor Lamp

The Eternity Floor Lamp by Currey & Co. is a beautiful display of transitional design and strong workmanship. It is made of wrought iron and is finished in antique silver leaf. Place the Eternity Floor Lamp in your bedroom or living room to add height to the room. The lamp’s modern base and antique finish make an elegant combination. Visit to purchase your very own Eternity Floor Lamp today!

Foreside Home and Garden

Foreside Home and Garden was founded in the 1990s by Claire and Mark Woodsum. Foreside creates originally designed pieces that range from a variety of styles and inspirations. Their products are full of personality and are never ordinary. Foreside offers vintage tables, modern wood work, and dainty wrought iron. Visit to view their complete collection today.

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Riviera Trays

Use the Riviera Trays as the center of your table or vanity. With classic black and white stripes, this piece stands out.  The Riviera Trays are made with hand-applied, high-gloss finish and sit on a footed base. Visit to purchase your pair of Riviera Trays today!

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When you walk into Collection and you get a glimpse of the Marilyn Lamp you will be instantly enamored. Its ornate gold stand paired with a colorful graphic-patterned shade will brighten up any room. The best part about this lamp is the price – $174.25! It’s guaranteed you will want to make it your own and find the perfect place for it in your home. Visit to find other great deals on home furnishings and gifts!

Dainty Flutes

Dainty flutes are made from hand-worked Borosilicate glass. This assortment of textured, clear vessels can serve as stylish drink ware or a vase for any special occasion. Each vase in the set of six has its own unique pattern. Use them together in an arrangement or place them separately. The best part – they are dishwasher safe! Visit to purchase your dainty flutes for your home today.