New year, new room! If you have a room in your home you barely use, now is the ideal time to give it new purpose. Whether you have a barely used dining room or a guest bedroom rarely slept in, this is a chance to start thinking about the functionality of your space in a fabulous new way.

Why not create a space to indulge in a hobby, create a fitness oasis, or carve out a space to just zen out in your own home? Read on for some fresh ideas on how to best utilize the spare room in your house just waiting for a makeover!

Home Theater Design

Multi-Functional Exercise Room

Turning your spare room into a dream exercise space or a meditation room will give you an area to work out in the comfort and privacy of your own home. In fact, this is a re-envisioning I’m currently undertaking in my own spare bedroom!

Depending on your exercise preferences, you will want to start by measuring the room to give a clear idea of how much equipment can be included and what should be left behind. For instance, maybe big exercise equipment isn’t the best fit, but a luxurious yoga relaxation room could be perfection. Personally, I absolutely LOVE my so one of my goals is to transform my guest room into a fab “Zen Spin” room (stay tuned for updates)!

home gym  

home gym inspiration

As always, don’t be afraid to “color outside the lines” by adding a splash of color to the room, updating the floors or adding fabulous art. The sky is the limit – it’s your room and your oasis!

Reading Room

Is your guilty pleasure to sneak away and read the latest best-seller? If so, a reading room or library would be a perfect option. When it comes to wall décor, it just doesn’t get much better than a stunning set of built-in shelves filled with rows and rows of books!

In a reading room, layered lighting is key. I recommend planning for surface, wall and overhead lighting, allowing you to read comfortably day or night. In a space meant for relaxation, you will, of course, want to decorate the room with h, comfortable furniture, blankets, pillows and anything else to help you relax and enjoy a fantastic book.

bookshelf inspiration

Home Office Design

Side note: you could also add a unique desk to give the room dual purposes as a literary oasis and study.

Entertainment Room

Whether you want to transform your spare room into a kid-friendly playroom or an escape room for the adults is completely up to you!

playroom design

The above photo is a shot of my girls’ playroom in our home. This room is right in the center of the house, so we needed to create a playful space for the girls that could double as a media room for all of us. By incorporating bright colors, with a show-stopping rug, and maintaining a soft luxurious feel with big, h furniture, everyone is happy!

And, don’t’ forget to find space for storage to help keep the space in pristine condition.

Music room inspiration

Deciding to revamp your spare room into a hobby-driven space is a perfect option in the event you are working with a smaller area. All that is needed is a warm paint color, fabulous h furniture, inspirational accents and enough space to practice your talent.

As shown in the example above, our client enjoys playing the guitar and wanted a place to practice, which was the inspiration for this small, yet fab and functional space! With a little creativity, even the smallest rooms can be tailored to fit almost any hobby. For instance, if you enjoy painting, you could incorporate an easel to hold your canvas and shelving units to store supplies.

Home Theater Design

For a home theater, I recommend choosing dark paint or curtains, dim lighting, h sofas or individual lounge chairs. Add your own personal touches, along with a vintage popcorn machine to complete the ambiance of the room, and you have the perfect space for a movie night with friends and family!

Changing the function of a barely used room can be exciting and maximizes the functionality of a home! Why keep a room that you never use? I hope these ideas have inspired you to re-think your unused space and turn it into something luxurious – I would love to hear all about your “new” room. For more interior design tips, follow me on and.



Dbh-biz.infomansky is a story-teller at heart. Her unique perspective and tailored design process empower her to create singular interiors for clients all over the world.