Here are five tips to use when trying to find storage solution:

  1. Hang Clothing at Varying Heights – This helps to not only maximize your use of space, but to organize tops at eye level and bottoms below, keeping things organized.
  2. Shoe Storage – We’re all used to getting annoyed with shoes at the bottom of the closet or searching for a matching pair in a basket of shoes. Adding cubbies or slopped shelves allow them to all fit and makes them easy to spot for a “grab and go” situation.
  3. Get use of ALL space – Meaning floor to ceiling of your closet area. If you have a window seat, use it as storage for out of season clothes to make more room in your closet for all other clothes.
  4. Using a metal “Organization System” – Now customizable, you can create any type of storage unit to fit your space and store all your clothes.
  5. Divided Drawers – Never know what to do with large drawers? Well, break the space into smaller sections to keep some of your smaller items more organized.