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Today we’re going to take a quick look at the office in one of our favorite Houston projects. Dubbed “Uptown Elegance,” our client asked us to transform a traditional, wood paneled office, into something with an edgier personality. While eclectic, we still wanted to impart a timeless, collected look to the space, so we planned a room with a deep, aubergine, backdrop and fun pops of color to emphasize the sleek lines of the furnishings.

[one_half]We started by refinishing the oak wood floors in a darker gray/brown stain and lacquered the cabinetry in our flattering purple hue. While the color is dark, the glossy finish reflects the natural light from the fantastic windows.

This project required much more than your average “high gloss paint” on the cabinets! The client requested a lacquer so shiny that you could see your reflection in it, similar to automotive paint! This pigmented lacquer was custom made and cannot be repeated. Unlike regular paint, this lacquer showed nearly every imperfection in the original wood paneling, in turn, the panels were basically re-created to allow this lacquer to shine at its full potential! It took quite a bit of work, but was worth every minute for the final product.

We added another layer of interest to the room by incorporating a Platinum rug from one of our favorite sources, Surya, which pulled our color scheme together while adding texture and pattern. The hand-crafted nature of this rug is immediately apparent and adds so much interest to this space. The generous proportions ensure that the room feels warm and that the desk area is highlighted.


Being that this is an office, we thought it appropriate to bring in a gorgeous seppele veneered writing desk from Bolier & Company’s Rosenau Collection. The Whitby chairs from Julian Chichester are a contemporary take on the traditional wingback chair. Upholstered in cyan, they really make a bold statement!

We are also in love with the amazing Jonathon Adler Sputnik H-chandelier from Robert Abbey! Is there anything J.Adler can’t do?! It’s one of our favorite pieces to add a strong punch of mod to any room. It has plenty of substance, yet remains open and airy, so it never feels heavy.

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In addition, recessed down lights in the ceiling offer more generalized light when needed, and the small modern table lamp provides a lovely reading light. We love layered lighting in our interiors. It makes all the difference.

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