Happy end of the week and beginning of the weekend, everyone! Ahhh the weekend – the time to draw your drapery and sleep in! Speaking of drapery… a recent look at Elle Decor got me dreaming about it. Window treatments, and especially drapes, are a lovely necessity of decor bringing color, warmth, privacy, sound control, and life into our homes.

There are more than a few ways to use draperies aside from covering your windows, and I thought I’d share four of them with you from our recent projects.

From our Bellaire project, here’s an application that I love—setting off and showcasing a special bed. This large scale bed was custom made for our client and there’s just something about the generous gathers of fabric that is so cozy and luxurious!

From the River Oaks project, here’s a use for draperies that I love—setting off and showcasing a special bed. There’s just something about the generous gathers of fabric that is so very luxurious!

Another fun and practical use for draperies are to add privacy and a visual separation to a small nook or section of a room. This window seat in the Moroccan-inspired Southampton home is a lovely example. The custom drapery offers a dash of color and pattern and sets the window seat off as a truly special place to spend a little “me” time.

Our Montrose Modern project uses a much larger version of the “draperies as visual separation” idea. This beautiful and artfully pleated set of draperies serves as a room divider between the living room and game room, both physically and visually.

Finally, you can use pairs of panels on a veranda. We used this to great effect on the patio of the Southampton Moroccan project. We absolutely love using outdoor draperies!

The panels can be pulled back, whether entirely or partially, as the use of the room demands, so it’s a really flexible and lovely way to add privacy, utility, and function to a space, as well as being decorative.

Whether you’ve a general yearning for more color, life, and warmth in your spaces, or if you have an exact vision of the draperies you want for your home, drop us a line! We would love to help!

See you next week!



Dbh-biz.info Team