In any bedroom, the bed is the focal point. But when it comes to creating the perfect bed, many people tend to overlook one thing – the pillows! There are many different shapes and sizes of decorative throw pillows – square pillows, rectangular lumbars, Euro shams and bolster pillows…So how do you determine which size works best for your bed? And the answer is that it all really depends on the bed size.

Standard pillows are 26” x 20” and can be used on any bed. A queen pillow is 20” x 30” and works best on a queen size bed. Square pillows (usually 20” x 20” or 24” x 24”) and lumbar pillows (usually 12” x 20” or 16” x 20”) look great on twin or queen size beds. For a king bed, the king sham (36” x 20”), Euro sham (26” x 26”) and bolster pillow (3” x 42” or 9” x 32”) are the best pillows to use.

I absolutely love pillows and like to think of them as the eye candy for the bedroom. They polish up the look of the bed by adding a pop of color or print and elevate the space. No bed is complete without them! So whether you’re using pillows to add fun details, bold colors or serene hues, let’s jump into how to use pillows to create an inviting bed.

Think Threes

Because of the size of a king bed, three lumbar or three Euro pillows spaced across the bed works best. The size of the pillows is proportional to the size of the bed and the odd number catches your eye.

Best pillow styles for a perfectly polished bedroom

Complementing Colors

For a soft and serene look, pull fabrics and pillows that complement the room’s color palette. Use solid colors for the shams and bring in decorative lumbars to add a splash of print. The cool blues, crisp whites and soft textures make this bedroom so soothing! A neutral printed lumbar and pretty blue shams tie the room together perfectly.

Best pillow styles for a perfectly polished bedroom

Bright and Bold

For a more bold and daring look, use the pillows to add accents of vibrant color to the bedroom. Add a printed fabric bolster pillow to pop against solid shams or lumbar pillows. Paired with a neutral color palette, these accent pieces pull the space together.

Best pillow styles for a perfectly polished bedroom

Compare and Contrast

And if you don’t want to use a bold color, use varying hues of the same color. For this bedroom, we selected a deeper brown color for the bolster pillow to compliment natural toned color palette of the bedroom. The long bolster pillow paired with the two king-size shams balances out the panels in the custom headboard. Talk about pleasing to the eye!

Best pillow styles for a perfectly polished bedroom

The cool print of the Brentano fabric we used on the shams is definitely unique and pairs beautifully with the navy bolster pillow. It’s subtle but still very statement-making. The combination lets the bold wood chevron wall to do the talking!

Best pillow styles for a perfectly polished bedroom

When it comes to figuring out what pillows you need for your bed, remember to keep things proportional and use them to tie the room together. Whether you want to create a dramatic look or something relaxing, pillows are just what your bed needs!

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