Project Reveal: luxurious design with a contemporary twist

I love taking a look back at past projects! No two are the same because each home is catered to our client’s preferences and style. Creating our client’s dream home is such an exciting experience for both the design team and the homeowners. So, I thought I’d break open our portfolio to share some ‘behind the scenes’ details behind the design process of some of our favorite past projects.

Today, I’m dishing on our artful Parkside Contemporary project.

First, Inspiration!

Our initial design meeting is all about getting to know you. For this project, we sat down with the client and dove deep into the design plans and discussed what all they were wanting in their new home – their wishes, goals, and lifestyle. Asking a ton of question is a must! (We have to get to know you, right?)

So after the initial design/dreaming meeting – we looked for inspiration through images (thanks, Pinterest), their favorite colors, patterns, really anything that the client saw and spoke to them. Such as their request for an interior that would reflect the modern architecture of their home. Then the selection, sourcing process begins! In this case, the client fell in love with the Missoni print fabric that became the living room sofa pillows.

The homeowners are world travelers, who collected beautiful collectibles throughout her adventures. So, to compliment her vast collection of artifacts and love for electric prints, we developed a design that consisted of neutral colors for the walls and bold ‘bursts’ of color for the furnishings and accent pieces. We wanted there to be a vivid contrast between the simplistic walls and the art that adorned them.

The Reveal…

This project produced some gorgeous spaces, beginning with the formal living room

Contemporary Formal Living Room

We love the simplicity and elegance within in this room and wanted bold colors and prints to be the key ingredients for this space. Color can be so inviting, so drawing from the tones in our client’s favorite Missoni fabric, we selected the royal purple fabric for the modern, structured and a custom area rug from . To complement the rich colors in this space,  fresh white walls and gold accents were the only way to go! It’s luxurious and pairs so well with a deep purple.

Now you can’t forget that art – this piece is just perfect for this space. I’d call this a happy coincidence that we sourced towards the end of the project. We worked with Brian Freeze of t to find all the gorgeous pieces for this home. And this Untitled (Bunnies) 2013 was just what this space needed.

Family Room

Family Room that has Contemporary designs with pop of color and a neutral palette

In this modern family room, we kept to our client’s love for the contemporary era with minimalistic touches in the structured, tufted sectional and simplistic ottoman. We kept the color palette natural here – but the dramatic tangerine and yellow tones from the rug and custom swivel chair, upholstered in Covet fabric, really elevate the space. They paired well with the fun art that hangs above the fireplace mantle. Again, our goal was not to over accessorize here – we wanted the art, prints, and colors to speak for themselves.


Sleek white, Contemporary kitchen that opens up to the family room. has a bar and fiery red bar stools

The kitchen is staying true to modern minimalism with its clean lines, crisp white and pops of fiery red! It opens up to the family room, which creates the perfect spot for entertaining. I am still in love with how the bold red Antica stools from make such a statement in this sleek kitchen.

Dining Room

Elegant, Contemporary Dining room with darker color palette

The dining room is pure sophistication! We wanted to highlight modern elegance with this space. The fabric in steel colorway, selected for the dramatic host chairs was inspired by textured snakeskin with natural tones of deep gray, brown and creams. This neutral palette left room for some statement pieces – thus the art, rug and crystal chandelier. Our client expressed a desire for a chandelier for this space, but nothing too fussy! So, we took inspiration from the existing light fixture in the Dining Room and gave it a new home within this space. It was a perfect balance – So gorgeous!

Master Bedroom

Luxurious, Contemporary and feminine master bedroom with sitting area

Feminine but sophisticated – That was our focus when designing this space. Our client wanted the master bedroom to represent her personality and be a place that where she could relax with a good book. So we incorporated this pretty sitting area with modern wall art from to do just that. The star of this space is definitely the gorgeous tufted, velvet headboard from – it embodies all things luxury! The metallic, mirroring pendants highlight the deep plum hue by that adding warmth to this calming interior.


Contemporary and masculine office space

This office space was made for a gentleman. Its color palette is moody with dark walnut hues and mid-century influences detailed in the warm industrial chandelier from and structured lounge chairs. We wanted this space to be calming and neutral, thus we left the walls white and kept to a dark brown hue in the furnishings. To keep this office modern, the sleek table from offers an edgy dimension to this masculine space.

Upper Living Room

Contemporary, bold and colorful upper family room

As we moved upstairs, our client got even more adventurous when it came to bold colors and dynamic prints. This room is so fun! We chose to continue our theme of white walls – but painted the ceiling an electric orange! This accent of color is a showstopper, without being too overwhelming. To complement this exciting hue we tied in colors from the poke-a-dot drapes with lavender and orange accent pillows, bright yellow table lamps and a grape custom tufted ottoman. This space really encompasses our client’s lively and creative personality.

Guest Bedroom

Soft and feminine guest bedroom

In this guest bedroom, we were all about soft, sweet and feminine details. We chose to paint the walls a muted taupe to complement a soft pastel carpeted floors. The rounded details of the headboard and nightstands give this room an elegant feel while the softer tones of purple, pale pink and white add to the airiness of the space. Lastly, we selected geometric table lamps to give this soft bedroom, some modern edge.

Outdoor Living

Colorful and eclectic outdoor living space

Moving to the exterior – this outdoor living room is full of bright, colorful hues. To complement the outdoors and poolside, we mixed in blues, turquoise and vivid yellow tones in our furnishings. This color combo works great for an exterior space! I love the accents of cobalt along the drapery in the snow colorway – it’s an unexpected touch. The clients really wanted to utilize this outdoor space, so it was important to create layers of functional and versatile seating for entertaining guests.

Classically Current

This Parkside Contemporary home mixes modern, edgy details with classic luxury – it represents our clients so well and we were so happy to deliver their dream home to them. It was such a fun design that will remain timeless for years to come. I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into this past project of ours. For more design inspiration and details on past projects, check out our and .

P.S. If you are interested in becoming a client or have any questions about creating your very own dream interior, please us on our website or give us a call – we’d love to work with you!

~ The Team


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The Boulevard Show House: Ask the Experts with Newberry Architecture

This has been a whirlwind month for the team and, by now, I’m hoping you have heard all about the Boulevard Show House (aka my house)! It’s an exciting project and I am so thrilled to share the process and redesign of my personal home with you. This is a huge task – and we have a ways to go – but I am incredibly happy with the progress thus far. We couldn’t have made such strides in the renovation planning of our 1925 Tudor Revival home without our talented team of Partners. From the very beginning, we called on the expertise of our Build Partner: . They have been with me every step of the way, from our initial tour of North Boulevard, to purchasing our home, and planning out and executing the renovations. They know their stuff!

So, today, we’re asking the experts!

The Team sat down with – Principal at Newberry – to get a behind the scenes look into the skillful minds of the Newberry Architecture and their plans for the Boulevard Show House.

Gina Brown, Principal Architect, takes the lead on Newberry Architecture’s plans for the Boulevard Show House!

Let’s dive on in with our first Q&A of the Boulevard Show House –

LU: We are so excited to have Newberry Architecture on board for this project! Can you tell us about your role in the Boulevard Show House project and what you’re working on specifically?

NA: Newberry Architecture was introduced to the project by Laura and Michael to evaluate the home and what all could be done, as they were considering the purchase. We noticed there were some structural integrity and damage issues, mixed with overall design cohesion challenges that we needed to make sure we could tackle before they invested in the property. After that initial brainstorm and dreaming meeting, they ended up buying the property! From there, the first thing that needed to be addressed was getting the home back to being structurally sound. So we worked with a structural engineer right off the bat to make sure they were coordinating with Laura and the builder.

Our next big challenge was working with the Historic Committee. This was very important because the home has a ‘new’ addition in the back, which was added after the original construction of the home. It doesn’t match the original architecture of the home at all, however, the Historic Committee doesn’t see it that way. They grandfathered the house and that property into the same historic registry (as is if it was all built at the same time). That means any changes being made to that added part of the home had to be approved by the Historic Committee and the Boulevard Oaks HOA Committee as well. So there were two historic entities that we had to communicate and facilitate with in order to have all these changes approved.

LU: So where was this in the process? Did you request approval before Laura and Michael decided to purchase the house?

NA: We made some initial phone calls before Michael and Laura decided to purchase, just so we had our research in line. We wanted to know everything that we were going to have to do before they purchased it.  Then, as soon as they closed we submitted all the documents to the Historic Committee and put the historic renovation sign in the yard!

LU: Were there any big hurdles with what you proposed and what the committee came back with? Or was it pretty seamless?

NA: The Historic Committee and the Civic Committee [Boulevard Oaks], are very appreciative that Laura and Michael are taking this project under their wing. They have the right intentions to make it beautiful. So with everything that they wanted to implement and that we were suggesting, I think all of the committees were thinking “Oh my goodness, this is going to be such an improvement!” So they didn’t give us a lot of resistance on anything.

Also, in the ‘new’ addition that was built in the 70’s, there is a sunken living room and a loft that was structurally unsound. One of the things we have been focusing on with Laura is to getting that space more current and functional. I’m really excited about how it is turning out. From the exterior it is going to be cleaned up quite a bit, so all of the timber wood that is not original to the house is going away. Then when you walk into the interior, you’re going to think you are in a modern and fresh space (even though it is a 70’s building with a sunken loft)!

The original addition of the 1970's great room in the Boulevard Show House

LU: Yeah, it’s pretty dated in there right now.

NA: Yes, so I’m really looking forward to the transformation of that space the most. We’re doing a cool, floating spiral staircase in there and I think it will be really fun.

LU: Well I feel you have a wonderful team in place and everyone involved is so talented, so I’m excited to see everything.

NA: Thank you! And, speaking of the team, and I have been working on this project. Brooke has been in with the committees and helping to get all the documents together. She communicates with the spiral stair fabricator to make sure that is going to work and really helps me facilitate all the net symbols of the project.

LU: Great! So what are the first steps in beginning a project of this scale?

NA: The you need to do is invite us to come to a meeting with the realtor. Let’s look at layout and brainstorm to make sure all the things that they want to achieve are reasonable for cost, time and the investment that they intend to make. Michael and Laura did that with us, and it was such a smart decision on their part.

LU: So were there any alternates for the Boulevard Show House, in particular, that may or may not be uncovered yet?

NA: Yes, so when we measured that space we discovered that the whole kitchen ceiling was only 7’10” tall. It was very unusual and very low. We didn’t know if there was a plumbing pipe, a beam or the stairs causing this. So we intended to raise the ceiling, but knowing that when we open it up we may find a challenge; we had an alternative design solution in place. Luckily, when we opened it up the beam had been abandoned and was not being used for any structural reasons, so we are able to raise that ceiling back to 9 feet.

The low ceiling kitchen at the Boulevard Show House

LU: What portion of the house are you most excited to work on? And…I have a feeling I know the answer!

NA: Well, that really is a hard question to answer, for instance, we’ve uncovered a lot of windows that were actually sheet-rocked over. That’s one of those renovation surprises! The house previously felt so dark and very dated, and now with all that natural light, it’s going to change the whole experience as they’re living there.

LU: So how did you go about discovering those windows that had been sheet-rocked over?

NA: Some of them we could see from the exterior, so we knew about a few. For example, there is one in the guest bedroom. When we were studying the floor plans and the photographs, Brooke was able to uncover that one. However, the ones in the master suite, the landscaping had overgrown in that area so we couldn’t see them until they cut all that landscaping down. It was a nice surprise! Another surprise was the fireplace. At first glance, people would probably think that it was original to the house, but it’s just an appliance. There was no chimney, so we were able to take that out.

Appliance fireplace in the living room and overgrown landscaping, hiding windows from sight

LU: So how would you describe the overall architecture of the neighborhood, and what needs to change in order for the Boulevard Show House to match the rest of the neighborhood?

NA: The whole neighborhood is very classic: a classic family Houstonian neighborhood. You drive down that street and you know you’re in Houston. The oaks, the style of architecture, and the era of all the homes feel like Houston. The front facade of the home is very much in keeping with that style…but as you move towards the back of the property, it loses some of that.

LU: It changes decades!

NA: Yes, and I told Laura from the very get-go, when we were first texting about this project, that I am excited to make this home their family home. Where they will be raising their kids and walking down the street, meeting new friends.

With every project that is the heartbeat for us, but especially with Laura because I have a personal friendship with her. It was important to make this house their home.

LU: I can just see the girls running around in their new playroom and enjoying the pool!

NA: Yes and when we walked through that little pool house, thinking about the girls having their birthday party or a slumber party there, that was so exciting for me.

LU: I love it! So what is the best way to get started with your team? Do you want people to fill out a form on your website or give you a call, what is best?

NA: Either way! The best thing to do is set up a to go through their project and what they are wanting to accomplish. We work on all scales and scopes of . We’ve done master closet remodels to over 35,000sq ft. new construction, residential and commercial.

LU: So it sounds like you guys do it all! Do you have a specific part of Houston that you like to focus on?

NA: Most of our work is in the greater Houston area, but we do have projects out of the city, in other parts of Texas and out of the state. We have projects in California, Colorado, NY, Virginia, Florida, Belize, and Italy. But our bread and butter is the greater Houston area.

LU: So how long have Newberry Architecture been around?

NA: was founded in 1997, so 20 years in October.

LU: Congratulations! It’s a big year for you guys.

This has been so informative, is there anything else you would like to add?

NA: Yes, we are so excited to be part of the entire team on the Boulevard Show House project, everyone from the builder, to Laura and Laura’s team, and the suppliers. We are thrilled to be working with this collaboration of people.

Newberry Architecture sits down with Dbh-biz.infomansky to discuss major changes to the interior of the Boulevard Show House

And Gina, we feel the same way!

I am so happy to be partnering with my friends at Newberry Architecture. Gina and Brooke have worked so hard to make this our family home and it shows in the progress so far. It is clear they have set a great foundation for this project and the results are going to be AMAZING.

I hope this session of “Ask the Experts” has you excited to come tour our finished product next Spring! For more information about The Boulevard Show House, check out the announcement and progress updates on our blog, and on the Boulevard Show House .

Until next time,



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