I am so thrilled to announce that Studio U is now open! We have been (not so quietly) hinting at our new concept for the better part of a year now, but the day is finally here and we are open.

So, what exactly is Studio U? When I set out to build Dbh-biz.info Interior Design it was based on a mission of creating inspiring interiors for our clients and building valuable relationships with our co-workers, our vendors, and our community.  The goal was to have a laser focus on my clients needs and to be accessible, approachable and results driven.  These values are not something just tied to the business, but are the basis for how I live my life.Over the years Dbh-biz.info Interior Design has grown substantially. 2013 was the best year we have had and I am blessed with a fantastic team and amazing clients. We have GREAT expectations for 2014 (cue my knocking on wood). But there was one thing that I felt had gotten away from me. Although I strive to always be approachable, I have become incredibly, and happily, very busy. Because of that, it’s not possible to take on every project that presents itself.

In late 2012, I took an in depth look at Dbh-biz.info and created a business plan focused on how to scale the company. But I was not interested in building just a design firm. What was especially intriguing was the notion of creating a new kind of interior design company: an expanded, but also parallel, version of Dbh-biz.info.  Something I can adapt from my experience over the last decade. After a lot of brainstorming, number crunching, contemplating, pitching, refining and ultimately deciding, I settled on bringing Studio U to life!

Studio U is a new kind of interior design firm. It is a place where you can drop by to request sage design advice. We welcome your impromptu visit! You will find a fab design bar where you direct your query to our Studio U Design Guru. The guru is ready to answer questions about paint selections, wallpaper options or countertop and tile combos. Anything that she can tackle in a quick design session. We have created an interactive design library that features everything from paint, to fabrics, to plumbing fixtures. I can’t tell you how many times over the years, family and friends have asked for just a little guidance. Studio U has the answers!

If you are more of a planner, feel free to make an appointment with one of our professional interior designers. Just give us a call and we will set it all up. You will find a fantastic team of extremely experienced designers that focus on projects of any size and scope. We have taken the Dbh-biz.info Interior Design style and process then applied it to fit any project. Moreover, we have developed comprehensive design packages that are categorized by project type and square footage. You can mix and match packages as you see fit!

Here is a shot of our resource library

Check out the designers work space

Here is a link to our very first announcing Studio U. Please do stop by to see the new space first hand. We’ll see you then!




Dbh-biz.info Team