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Over the weekend we were featured in one of Bob Vila’s recent blog posts. Bob is one of our favorite TV personalities. I have watched his show for many years. We want to thank the Bob Vila team for featuring us in 8 Decorating Rules Meant to Be Broken! We are so grateful to be a part of such an inspiring source for design, construction, renovation and lots more.

A few of our favorite rules meant to be broken are “ceiling should be white” and “wallpaper is for walls”. As you can see in our featured image below, we break not one, but three common interior design “rules”. We believe that there are no rules when it comes to designing fabulous interiors. The only opinion that really matters is the homeowners, and if they’re happy, so are we!

One Pattern Per Room
Be bold in your mixing of patterns. Pairs stripes with paisleys, florals with geometric patterns. You might even consider adding pattern to the ceiling. Take pains, however, to keep things balanced by repeating a common color across the different patterns you choose.
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