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Today, we have a special, sponsored post from one of our favorite vendors: ™!

“Trim and millwork” may not be the first thing people think about when they envision a new look for their room, but architectural details can set the stage in a way that no other element of a room can, and almost effortlessly—in fact, with new online tools, you can easily envision your room’s new bones, for free!

If you don’t have the budget to completely remodel, adding architectural interest to your room is as easy as the proverbial pie!

Since 1926, this well-known-to-the-trade company (then known as Moulding and Millwork) has been the leading manufacturer of interior finishings in North America. Their new name is part of a strategic decision to make selecting interior trim and doors very nearly effortless.

You may use trim and millwork for its decorative detail and/or style, or to solve architectural problems: re-proportion your room, add height, create a better design flow throughout your home.

It’s difficult to describe in words how adding architectural details can bring life to a room… This bedroom by designer Vanessa Francis might demonstrate how adding architectural trim can lend much needed gravitas to a room, without being heavy or fussy.


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It isn’t just the clean new lines of the soft and hard furnishings that takes this room to a new level, but the addition of the new millwork and trims give the room a structure that it simply couldn’t get in any other way, other than a budget-heavy remodel! And…designer Vanessa’s client did the trim work themselves! It’s always been rather difficult to coordinate and purchase a truly polished, professionally designed look in millwork and trim—so many things to think about! so many pieces and parts!—but has made it a simple three step process.

First, and this is the fun part, you (or your designer—that would be us, right? Right?) may choose from one of five Collections of coordinated products; the Then & Now Finishing Collections are ‘French Curves,’ ‘True Craft,’, ‘Very Square,’ ‘Fashion Forward,’ and ‘Pretty Simple.’ Each style is inspired by a different architectural style, blending the best of modern and classic design for a pro designer look, every time! (And their new Style Quiz can help you choose a style that best suits you.)

Each Collection includes different price levels to suit your own budget requirements. Further, their new online Room Styler can help you envision the look you want before making final choices.

Sometimes an entire room of something this unusual might be a bit over the top…and sometimes over the top is exactly what’s needed!

Whether you would like to create a traditional room full of architectural detail and flourishes, a modern room with sleek casings and minimalist trim in an eco-conscious material, or something daring and uber-stylish, Metrie can help you realize the room of your dreams!

Ready for the second step? Second, select the finishings that you’d like: crown moulding, chair rails, Ikons, architraves, rosettes, casings…so much to choose from! (You can even choose from their pre-painted mouldings for a fuss-and-paint-drip-free installation!)

Third, decide on your personal touches such as stains, paints or finishes, and install your new trim and millwork! (Or let us install it for you, of course!)

Metrie keeps in touch with all the fashion-forward trends in trim and interior finishes, and their professional designers keep their collections up to date!

We’d like to thank the Metrie team for giving us an opportunity to present their new collections to our blog readers and clients, and hope that you’ll visit them soon whether on their and their , , or through your favorite design professionals (us—right?)! I hope we’ve helped you to dream big dreams—and hope you’ll be inspired to include finishings that really speak to you and your life in your next project!

As always, if you need more inspiration, check out our, and take a look at how the careful and expert use of trim and millwork really helps a room to shine and gives it a depth of design that decor alone simply can’t match…or come in to if you’d like one of our Gurus to help walk you through the process of using these essential items in your room!

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