Don’t forget the color!

Color is very important when considering the interior design of your rented space. Usually, the walls are white and drab and painting them usually isn’t even an option. Our best advice would be to not let your drab color palette get you down, but to work with what you have! Grab some bright, fun pillows or colorful flowers! Whatever you do, just make it reflect who you are! The interior design of your space should always reflect you!

These are more fun pillows that are meant to bring out the personality of a room, with their bright, vibrant colors they add immediate drama. Picture courtesy of.

See! This white  was instantly spiced up with the addition of some lovely red flowers!

This  is a perfect example of how to use a rug inside your home to bring character and color into a specific room. Also, the red lampshades on the fireplace are a great addition!

We hope these tips are helpful if you have been considering your interior design options for your rented space!