Follow these tips for your rented space for smart, creative, and affordable ways to decorate your interior.

Lean on me

With your rented space, more often than not, your landlord will not want for you to punch/nail/drill any holes into their walls. To solve this problem, try the leaning technique. Take the piece you want to hang, that you simply cant live without, and lean it up against the wall. This way, your art is still displayed and you are not responsible for any unsightly holes in the walls!

In the above image, courtesy of  , the framed art is displayed on the shelf. Totally fab and wall friendly!

In the above picture, courtesy of , the mirror is leaning against the wall.

Light the way

So one quick and easy way to change a space into something personal, is to change the lighting. This can easily be done in a rented space. Simply take off the shade or an already existing lighting piece and store it away, and replace it with the one of your choosing. When it is time to move out, change it back to the original! Also, fabulous floor lamps can definitely make a statement!

These floor lamps are courtesy of the . They are great examples of the importance of a floor lamp!

These fun  are perfect for spicing up any space.

Stay tuned for Designing a Rented Space: Part II!