Hello, All! We just discovered some really fun and unique items and are super excited to share them with you today.

Last week, a lovely Italian gentleman named Cristian Radice of the Murano, Italy firm La Murrina visited us here at Dbh-biz.info to introduce us to the most amazing, ultra luxury lighting pieces we’ve seen in recent memory!

I think you’re just going to have to see for yourselves how unparalleled these pieces are:

These are simply drop-dead gorgeous examples of the glassmaker’s art!

Murano glass has been world renowned for centuries for the quality and craftsmanship of their glass. You can find Murano glass throughout Italy, but of course it is engrained in most people’s minds alongside the city-state of Venice. Venice moved all the glassmakers to Murano to avoid problems with fires back in 1291!

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To explain the pieces properly, we’re going to dive back into history.

In 1829, a British amateur botanist named Dr. Nathaniel Ward somewhat accidentally invented , which was the forerunner of the modern terrarium. In the great travelling scientific and horticultural movements of the 1800s, incredibly valuable plant specimens, that had never before survived the journeys from their homes to the heart of the British Empire, not only now survived in their new glass homes, but actually thrived.

Wardian cases also were features of the most trendy of the Victorian homes—the great Industrial Revolution meant that the air was incredibly polluted, full of acid rain and definitely not hospitable for the ferns and other delicate plants so beloved of the Victorian plantsmen and hobbyists, and the almost sealed environment of the Wardian case made it possible to grow these plants in their parlors and sitting rooms.


Designed by Alessandro La Spada, the chandelier, as well as the sconces, bases, and table lamps in the Jardin de Verre collection, reproduce the beautiful bell shape of Wardian cases and enclose three different items made from La Murrina’s glass.

Clients may choose the arrangement of the items in the pieces so as to end up with a semi-custom piece for their home.

While these may be a bit overstated for every space, these statement pieces add a polish and sparkle to a room that is not obtainable in any other way. If you’d like to consider one of these gorgeous works of art for your own home, let us know—we’d be happy to help you incorporate one or more into your interior design!




Dbh-biz.info Team