Elle Décor unleashed 10 designers on a 10,000-square-foot condo in Miami, FL. The top designers include Vincenzo Avanzato, Juan Carlos Arcila-Duque, James J. Wall, Deborah Wecselman, Wade Hallock, Mario Nievera and Keith Williams, Lynda Murray, Lars Bolander, Larry Laslo, and Tamzin Greenhill.

Each designer has their own speciality, but the blend of color, pattern and coziness brought this coastal condo together into a completed work of art. Visit  for designer info and more photos of the fabulous Miami Showhouse.

The living room of the ELLE DECOR Showhouse designed by Lars Bolander

Dining room designed by Deborah Wecselman

Covered terrace designed by James J. Wall

Master Suite designed by Larry Laslo


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