The bathroom – the room where we get ready for the day, for the night and touch ups in between – has to represent your most fabulous self. As I’ve discussed before, the interior design of a room can greatly so the design of the space where you get ready to take on each day should be just as stylish as you!

Vessel sinks and floating vanities are a couple of my favorite design elements to incorporate into my classically current interiors as they can offer a unique dynamic to bathrooms of any size, bringing style and elegance to the space.

Floating Vanity

Vessel Sinks

To create a stunning focal point in a bathroom, I love to use vessel sinks as gorgeous, yet functional, fixtures.  In smaller bathrooms where countertop space is limited, an elevated sink adds openness, a bit of variety in texture and color and a touch of classically current elegance.

Vessel Sink

laura umansky, interior designer

Classic Interior Bathroom Design

Floating Vanities

It is such an understated change visually, but floating vanities fundamentally change the framework of traditional bathrooms and bring an element of contemporary sleekness to the space. The clean, linear look can be seamlessly incorporated across a wide variety of styles and design trends and creates the appearance of openness and spaciousness in the interior design of the room.

Whether you go with a vessel sink, floating vanity or both, remember to think outside of the traditional options to create a unique and chic bathroom design that will bring out your most stylish self!



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