Have you ever had those days where you just want to curl up with a good book and forget about the world? Hanging chairs provide the cocoon-like oasis we all crave from time to time, while fabulously elevating a room’s décor and adding a playful touch to its overall interior design.

Including a unique and interactive component, like a hanging chair, creates a whimsical, classically current, design that really draws guests in. Here are some examples of how to get your home into the swing of… swings!

Classically Current

Hanging Rattan Chair

The versatility of this piece makes it perfect for a variety of rooms. Whether it’s a child’s playroom or a parent’s bedroom, this addition works well with just about any age.

Nursery Interior Design

If placed in a nursery, a rattan chair offers a unique alternative to traditional gliders or rocking chairs that are crucial to lulling little ones to sleep. The design of hanging chairs truly creates a calm nest-like sanctuary, without sacrificing the functionality of a standard rocking chair!

Classically Current

Tip: It’s important to take note of how long the connecting rope needs to extend down, so that comfort level is optimized. If too short or too long, the rope can make it difficult to get in and out of the chair comfortably.

Multi-seated Hanging

Expanding on the theme of hanging furniture, I love including a piece large enough to fit multiple people that seriously upgrades a lounging experience. Similar to the rattan chairs, this indoor/outdoor-friendly addition is versatile and fits in with virtually any outdoor design theme!

Interior Design PatioClassic Interior Design

I love how the heavy fringed rope on this hanging bed complements and enhances the Moroccan-inspired room, while providing more texture and dimension than a standard bed frame.

Whatever type of room or area it may be, consider adding a hanging element to sweep guests off their feet, and enjoy nestling in your new relaxing oasis!



Dbh-biz.infomansky is a story-teller at heart. Her unique perspective and tailored design process empower her to create singular interiors for clients all over the world.