How to design your walk-in closet

Walk-in closets are one of the greatest things ever! I love how organization and intention coexist in a space that could easily be messy and chaotic. A walk-in closet truly makes the dressing process much easier and so much more enjoyable.

When it comes to the design of a walk-in closet, everything should have a place and serve a purpose. Make sure there’s ample space for your shoes, wall length mirrors, and proper lighting. You can even incorporate a vanity area into your closet so that your morning routine is all in one space – definitely something I know I appreciate!

The key is to make sure that there is enough space for all your clothes, shoes and accessories to be visible. You want things to be easy to find. Trust me, I know how frustrating it can be to have to look through your closet to find something especially when you’re running late. For me, an organized closet truly makes my heart happy!

So today I wanted to share my four tips for designing the perfect walk-in closet.

Utilize your space!

Space is paramount. When designing large-scale renovations or new construction, we first assess the floor plan to determine the space allotment for our closets. We often begin with a detailed survey to determine exactly what our clients will bring to their new closet. Whether we are designing the closet from top to bottom, or we have enlisted the expertise of a dedicated closet designer, we like to first determine the specific needs of the homeowner. This means the total shoe/boot count, the number of handbags, luggage storage needs, linear feet of short hanging and long hanging, drawer storage needs, how their day is structured (gym first, then work, etc…), and even if pants are hung up folded or long. Lot’s to know!

Renovations are the perfect opportunity to give new life to a space. (just check out the pic below!) Working with , we were able to turn this sitting room into a fabulous walk-in closet. The cabinetry is designed with hanging clothes and shoes behind closed doors. This keeps the room looking tidy all of the time. The drawers in the island are perfect for folded clothing and accessories. My favorite part is that the doors open up to reveal a full-length mirror. This closet has convenience designed into every aspect!

How to design your walk-in closet

Convenient Layout

Having access to everything is the most important feature of the walk-in closet. An island in the middle of the room allows you to walk around easily, see everything, gain storage, and have a packing surface. Deep drawers and shelves, especially open shelves, will give you a ton of extra space.

How to design your walk-in closet

Proper Lighting

We all know the struggle of trying to figure out if something is navy or black, so having proper lighting in your closet is a must. Natural light is always our first choice because it makes selecting outfits so much easier. But, when you need to add additional light, select a chandelier or flush mount lights that give off a crisp, bright light. Adding lights inside the drawers and cabinets is a bonus!

How to design your walk-in closet

More Storage, The Better!

No matter the layout or closet size, be sure to incorporate a variety of storage. Drawers and shelves help organize your shoes and folded items, like sweaters. Shallow drawers are great for accessories like jewelry, sunglasses, and ties, and can help you maximize the space in a small room. I always say that you can never have enough storage, especially in your closet. And there are SO MANY organizational accessories that focus on any closet item – slats to separate socks, lucite organizers for your cufflinks, watch winders, sunglass dividers, scarf hooks and bars… it is truly endless

When we were designing this gentleman’s walk-in closet, it was all about function. Cabinets with glass front doors feature plenty of hanging space for jackets and suits while keeping pieces accessible and dust-free. We have natural light from the window, as well as ample overhead lighting. The bench is conveniently located near the shoes and against the wall so it doesn’t get in the way. And a full-length mirror near the door is perfect for one last look before you head out for the day.

How to design your walk-in closet

The purpose of a walk-closet is to make your routine easier! After all, this is your closet so don’t be afraid to design it around your lifestyle. Whether you need more drawers, shelves, seating or cabinets, decide what works best for you and go for it.

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