Montebello Collected High-rise Reveal

One of the things I’m frequently asked is where I find design inspiration. Though I do find inspiration in magazines, and on trips to market, the first place I look for inspiration is from my clients. My team and I dedicate time at the beginning of the design process to learn more about their favorite pieces and collections so we can incorporate them into the overall design to create a space that reflects their unique story.

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City Living in this Glam Houston High-rise

The only thing guaranteed in life is change. Things are constantly evolving, growing and taking you to new places. And design is a lot like life. It changes based on your style preferences, lifestyle, and location. One of my favorite parts of being a designer is getting to walk through life with our clients. Whether it’s working on a new home construction project, designing a nursery or doing renovations, sharing these moments with our clients is so exciting!  

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Placing charming antique pieces in your home

Whether you’re using furniture pieces or accessories, antiques are so versatile. These pieces bring together the past and the present in a very timeless way while adding charm and character to the space.

So when you think about incorporating antiques into your design, you might think about using antique furniture in a study or showcasing special pots, pans or dishes in the kitchen. Today I wanted to share a few other unique ways to use antiques in your interior. 

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