Hi everyone!

Last week was hectic and fantastic! We moved our Houston office (you may have seen a little bit about that on our blog ;)), then traveled to Aspen to prep for Food & Wine weekend. This is the first Food & Wine for us since we opened our Aspen office, and it delivered! The sunshine and perfect weather of Colorado didn’t fail us as we co-hosted our Food and Wine Kickoff party with at their gorgeous showroom.


The entire venue was packed, and we were so thankful to see so many come out and say hello. It was almost like a mini-foodie-carnival: large selection of wine, locally brewed beer, specialty cocktails, and amazing food. VIA even broke out the bubble machine alongside the speakers.

One of our favorite and incredibly talented photographers, , was the featured artist. He showcased several of his beautiful equestrian photographs, and was on hand with his lovely wife, Randi, to meet and greet. We love his work and are so thrilled that a portion of the proceeds go to .

bob tabor

The food, drinks, and art made for nothing short of a fantastic night. A big thank you to everyone who joined. This was a lovely evening with wonderful company.



Be sure to check out Bob Tabor’s and follow us on Instagram @LauraUinteriordesign to see more pictures from the event!

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