Hello blog friends,

We have been very busy (with a capital Bee) in the studio all week in preparation for our install coming up next week. We are super excited about this new home, so we wanted to share an exclusive, behind the scenes look at one of the many beautiful features of this residence.

Staircase Construction

We took great care while working with this client on their staircase. We love the juxtaposition of Industrial & Americana. We cannot wait to reveal the rest of this project to the homeowner next week. I look forward to sharing more pictures of this project with you soon.

There’s something unique about the last day of the week at Dbh-biz.info, something that always seems to make all our lives a little more joyful. ¬†Enter, Puppy Friday. Please say hello to this week’s special guest, Roscoe. Sorry ladies, he’s taken. He belongs to Shenay, our amazing and always cheerful design assistant.

Looking forward to next time,



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