I began my career designing destination interiors and often draw design inspiration from cities and cultures around the world. Because of my severe case of wanderlust, I am always thrilled when the opportunity comes along to create destination-inspired interiors for my clients.

Blending striking pops of color into interiors and experimenting with fun and unique patterns are staples of my Classically Current design philosophy so I was very excited when I received a request from a client to incorporate a Moroccan-inspired theme throughout the home.

When designing destination-inspired interiors, the first order of business is to gain a general foundation of the culture’s influences and unique characteristics. Once the research is finished, you can then begin to thread these particular influences into the design to create an authentic cultural representation throughout the interior. Not to say liberties aren’t taken- they are!-but it is always good to have an understanding of the cultural vernacular.

For example, Morocco’s bold colors, lantern lighting, and distinctive textures are easily recognizable, and I absolutely loved drawing on inspiration from to create the fun, vibrant designs for my client’s home.

Here are some of the key characteristics to keep in mind when incorporating Moroccan style into a design!

Moroccan Inspired Living Room

Colorful Chromaticity

Moroccan textiles consist of myriad prints and hues, but these vibrant tones used throughout various textiles and pieces have much deeper meanings than simply creating a bright, fun arrangement of colors.

For example, the shades of blue represent the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, which surround Morocco, and the gold tones and radiant yellows reflect the intrinsic elements of the country’s sprawling sand dunes. The beautiful symbolism brings a new element of appreciation when creating these designs.

Moroccan Inspired Patio

Have fun embracing these bold and extravagant colors, and explore blending a mixture of colors and prints. You’ll soon see why I love playing with this style!

Moroccan Bedroom

Lantern Lighting

Another recognizable element of Moroccan design, typically handcrafted from metals like brass or copper, are lantern light fixtures. The unique patterns illuminate a room with fabulous designs, similar to those found on authentic Moroccan textiles.

Moroccan Lanterns

Lighting plays an important role in any interior design, but choosing one with interesting features and silhouettes makes for a amazingly unique addition to a room.

Exotic Dining Room

Alluring Details

Like lighting, the details in a room are a key component when creating fabulous interior designs, and that certainly applies to Moroccan-inspired interiors. From intricate textile patterns to textured pieces, the vibrant detailing amplifies the liveliness of the Moroccan interiors.

Fun Living Room Decor

With the colorful patterns and intricate designs, these bed frames are a fabulous example of blending Moroccan styles with a classically current design.

Exotic Twin Beds

Of course, every person’s style is unique in its own way and that is what makes interior design such a challenging and creative form of art. You can pull inspiration from anywhere to create your masterpiece and the possibilities are endless! How would you incorporate these elements into your next interior design?



Dbh-biz.infomansky is a story-teller at heart. Her unique perspective and tailored design process empower her to create singular interiors for clients all over the world.