As though October doesn’t shower us enough with its wonderful weather and wickedly fab holiday spirit, this month has brought a whirlwind of excitement!

From style spotting at High Point Market [link to recap blog] to new, favorite finds, I’m sad to see it go, but I love the new pieces that my team and I have discovered. We can’t wait to start incorporating them into future projects!

Read on to see the top obsessions we couldn’t help but fall in love with this month:


High Point Market Unveil: Bernhardt Chair

“I LOVE this chair! I started the October 2016 Market with some rules: must be light, bright, bold, and/or “contrasty”. This fabulous chair from absolutely met my “bold and contrasty” requirements by a landslide! Structured and unique, this chair would make an amazing statement in any space.” –Dbh-biz.infomansky, President and Creative Director


India Mahdavi Table Collection 

“I’m currently obsessing over the . Each piece is a work of art in and of itself.  The variety of shapes and materials provides such visual and tactile interest.  Can’t wait to find a home for one of these tables!” –Blair Foster, Associate Designer



Currey and Company Arden Chest

“A new introduction from Currey & Company, Laura spotted at High Point Fall Market. The reverse-painted glass chest is in’s signature color (blush) and the brass hardware, trim and legs highlight this piece perfectly. This chest is the perfect complement in a glamorous bedroom.” –Letecia Ellis Haywood, Principal Designer


Velvet Sofas

“No matter how formal the room is, it probably needs a . While they always look luxurious, they are a guaranteed seat soft to the touch at the very least! I also love the fact that designers aren’t afraid to play with color when it comes to ! They have turned blue and green into a new set of neutrals.” –Lexi Fink, Design Assistant



Cross-Stitch Street Art by Raquel Rodrigo

“Recently, I stumbled upon a post on Instagram featuring and fell head over heels! These are far from your maw-maw’s cross-stitch patterns; this artist is adding her own colorful touch to Spain’s streets by turning them into beautiful eye-catching installations. Her large scale art pieces are created by hand with brightly colored ropes on wire mesh, which can take upwards of 250 hours each to create and then installed on the façade of local buildings. The intricate, pixelated patterns provide a juxtaposition of feminine softness against the gritty urban landscapes. She calls her work “,” which translates to sewing-architecture, merging the two in a way I have never imagined before.” –Shenay Keyes, Associate Designer




Alexandra Von Furstenberg 

“I am currently crushing on Alexandra Von Furstenberg’s furnishings and accessories. These fabulous acrylic items are sleek, contemporary, unique, and add a pop of color to any space. My favorites are all things pink: the , the , named after my favorite diamond cut and the .” –Shannon Smith, Interior Designer

pink-acrylic-coffee-table modern-pink-table

From colorful cross-stitch to dynamic tables, October has everyone’s creative minds in overdrive. Until next month’s obsessions, head over to my and for some more design inspiration!



Dbh-biz.infomansky is a story-teller at heart. Her unique perspective and tailored design process empower her to create singular interiors for clients all over the world.