When you’re designing a brand new space or looking to redo your current home, one of the first things you might feel like you have to do is select a color palette. You start browsing magazines, social media, Houzz and Pinterest to find the perfect colors to use. If you can’t find just the right colors, don’t worry. Color palettes develop over throughout the design process. Yes, it’s a commitment that takes some ongoing research and inspiration but you’ll find the perfect palette with a little patience!

So how do we help you find the right colors?

We start out by asking a ton of questions to get to know your personality. This helps us see trends in what you like so we are able to nail down the perfect color palette that reflects you. An important thing we take into consideration is the style of your home. Whether it’s Moroccan, traditional, mid-century or transitional, we want the color palette to complement your home’s style.

Color reflects your personality and we want to make sure your home represents you to a ‘T’! Here are a few examples of color palettes we’ve designed for our clients.

Natural and Earthy Hues

If you love the natural and earthy hues, keep your color palette simple and clean. Textures and metallics bring depth to the space. Layering in interesting furniture pieces adds visual interest and shows off your personality.

Selecting the best color palette for your home

Many of our clients love a boho style, a Moroccan style, or both. These looks often lean toward a palette of natural tones paired with soft creams, navy, browns, and grays.

Selecting the best color palette for your home


Wood and white is a classic combination for the mid-century style. The soft white textures of the bench and ottoman mixed with the crisp blue gives the room a youthful and modern vibe. The addition of a few metallic pieces give the space that extra pop!

Selecting the best color palette for your home


White, linen, and cream dominate the traditional color palette. This is a simple, clean and classic color combination that creates a very sophisticated space when paired with neutral accents of brown and black.

Selecting the best color palette for your home

Modern & Masculine 

When something is described as masculine, it evokes images of things in dark, moody tones and sleek lines. This color palette is a timeless combination of black, white and metallic tones.

Selecting the best color palette for your home

Mix in Color

A simple and neutral color palette with added pops of color is great for when you don’t want to fully commit to a specific hue. It makes the space feel warm and fun and this approach works for just about any style!

Selecting the best color palette for your home

The best part about color palettes is that you don’t have to choose just one! Your personality and style are a mix of different things and your home should reflect that. Plus a blend of colors makes the room more vibrant! We’d love to chat with you about how we can create the perfect color palette for you.

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