Mother’s Day Countdown!

As you probably already know, Mother’s Day is just around the Calendar corner. With that being said, what will you be appreciating her with this year? We think that every Mother deserves a little something. Thus, we have compiled a list of items in our boutique perfect for the occasion, and then marked all the items up to 50% off! Each day, until Mother’s day, we will be featuring a new Mother’s Day gift at a discounted price! You can find this weekend’s featured gift items advertised on our Facebook page around noon!

Right now you can get our Voluspa Macaron Classic Maison Candle for only $16.50! We promise these won’t last long. So, if your Mom is a candle girl, or just needs a new smell in her cozy home, order this for her today here!

30 Days ‘Til Christmas | Week 2 Recap

The second week of our 30 Day’s ’til Christmas countdown ends this Sunday. Did you miss the first magnificent 5 days of week 2’s cheerful items? That’s O.K.! We’re here to reminisce in the joyful memories we’ve made this past week via E-Commerce. So lets take a look at what we’ve featured, shall we?

#23 : This is a quintessential vintage lamp that we adore! Who knew Thomas Edison was so design savvy?

#22 Precious Jewelry : I genuinely believe that a girl can never have too much jewelry. I also believe it’s an essential part of any outfit. Also, who doesn’t love a little flare?

#21 Nicola Parente Art: We are big Nicola Parente fans at Not only is his art stunning and unique, he is also a very admirable person, whom we have really enjoyed getting to know. You should check out his amazing work!

#20 Pine Wrapping Sheets: This beautiful unique wrapping paper is sure to stand out underneath your tree this year! Give your presents an added boost of excitement by covering them in this beautiful dark green paper.

#19 Nouvelle Fireside Candle: There is nothing quite like the scent of the holidays. Without it, Christmas just might not be the same. That’s why we love this Nouvelle Candle, and depend on it to bring a little warmth inside our home every year.

#18 Cloth-bound Collection: So now you’ve finished wrapping all the presents under the tree and your house is smelling extra Christmas-y. Now, you can finally relax and curl up next to the fire with a classic piece of literature. Check out our amazing collection of Penguin books that your family is sure to adore.

#17 Brass Collection, Shrimp:  We love this little guy, and hold a special place in our boutique’s heart for him. However, we believe he deserves a real home, filled with those who love love him like family. That is why we think you exceptionally well decorating readers of ours should check him out!

Well that’s about it for week 2. I hope you liked the featured products! Do you have any favorites? Let us know we love hearing from you!