Obsessions: Natural elements, colorful prints & translucent accents

September has flown by and we are left with the hope that Fall weather isn’t far behind. What we do have are tons of new collections to fuel our latest obsessions. I love this time of year because inspiration is everywhere! Our favorite vendors are releasing their new Fall collections, new design houses are popping up on our radar and my now twice-yearly trip to High Point Market is coming up. I’d say there are plenty of things to be excited about this upcoming season.

So, even though many collections are still under wraps – the anticipation is killing me! – The Dbh-biz.info Team and I have kept our eyes on the latest and greatest designs and collections over this past month. We’ve got some great finds to share!

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Studio U Resource Library | How we use it & why we love it

One of the most essential factors to Studio U, is our interactive design library. Studio U specializes in design on a room-by-room basis, therefore we work with shorter project timelines. This gives us less time to spend at the decorative center searching through all the vendors looking for that perfect wallcovering or fabric. So how did we solve this problem? We brought the Dec Center to us! Studio U’s Senior Designer, Jillian, compiled a list of the best vendors who specialize in everything from fabric to tile and even roofing. Our Studio Guru got to work filling our library with the latest and greatest products our vendors have to offer.

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