Fashion to Furnishings Friday | Black Leather

Fall is undoubtedly our favorite season of the year. There’s no more appreciable fashion or trend transition than the shift from summer floral to Fall black and burgundy. We also love the fresh change of pace fashion blogs and trend websites, it’s exciting for everyone. This year, not unlike the last (few), black leather has taken center stage and called dibs on a noticeably large area within our closets. We don’t only love wearing black leather, we love decorating with it as well. The more the merrier, really. What are some of your favorite black leather items?



Fashion Trend Friday | Prep School

In honor of all our kiddos starting school this week we’re decided to put together a few of our favorite preppy trend products. We love the classic, and chic look of a preppy outfit. What are some of your favorite preppy items?



Spring 2013 Magazine Exclusive!

So I know we’ve mentioned a few times that our latest magazine issue has finally been released, but we thought we’d give our beloved blog readers an inside look. This is one of our favorite features: Design Envy!

This issue we chose ombre, which we really do adore. It’s hard to pick our favorite item on this page but it’s also hard to ignore that increible bench from Anthropologie. What’s your favorite? Anything else ombre you love that we forgot to mention? Let us know! Also, don’t forget to check out the rest of our magazine here.