Dallas Market | Day 1

Something we look forward to each year is our annual trip to the Dallas Market! Not only do we get to see the latest and greatest products in the world of design, but we also get to bond as a team. Seeking out new inspiration each year is so important to staying up to date in the design industry. Since design is ever evolving, there is always something new to see or a new trend to be exposed. We love the Dallas Market!

Yesterday was day 1 of our inspiration extravaganza and we had an absolute blast. Here are some of our favorite finds:

Baguette Cocktail Bench Ambella Home

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Fashion to Furnishings Friday | Black Leather

Fall is undoubtedly our favorite season of the year. There’s no more appreciable fashion or trend transition than the shift from summer floral to Fall black and burgundy. We also love the fresh change of pace fashion blogs and trend websites, it’s exciting for everyone. This year, not unlike the last (few), black leather has taken center stage and called dibs on a noticeably large area within our closets. We don’t only love wearing black leather, we love decorating with it as well. The more the merrier, really. What are some of your favorite black leather items?



Old House Chronicles: It’s All Coming Together!

I LOVE this part of the design/build process! Everything is coming together at Old House and it seems like there is incredible progress every day! The floors are going in and yet another surprise – instead of straight-lay hardwoods the installer is matching the existing parquet pattern throughout! Amazing! The kitchen backsplash and counters are nearly complete, the interior and exterior have their first coat of paint, and landscaping has started. The renovation should be nearly completed between this week and next. Wallpaper starts early next week and then the movers show up on April 12th. More progress photos to come!

Fashion to Furnishing | Honeycomb

Inspired by Whowhatwear’s , we have identified our favorite Fashion to Furnishings in everything Honeycomb.  We loved the idea of decorating ourselves with this modern pattern (be it by sweater or by personal adornments) so much that we decided to give our home’s a taste of the trendy dish. Check out some of our favorite ways to splash a little pattern into your interior and tell us which is your favorite!



 | | |  | Jamie Joseph Earrings | |   | Charcoal Checker Storage |

Fashion to Furnishings Friday | Metallic Mania

We are pleased to find that the Metallic trend of Winter 2012 will gracefully roll over into Spring of 2013. So, don’t stash away your silver clutch or studded accessories just yet. We are not only loving everything metallic in fashion, but furnishings too. Century Furniture is never a disappointment, they carry an array of timeless metal accent pieces that we hope to soon collect.


1 | 2   | 3 | 4   | 5    | 6  | 7 Lustre Light Squares  | 8 Palecek Egret