Old House Chronicles: The Window Treatment

The new windows are IN! Obsidian (aka Black) was definitely the correct choice. IN. LOVE. We are now at the point where Old House begins to be put back together instead of being torn apart so I am feeling good about this!


I am still not thrilled about my brown roof and I think it just has to be changed to black. Dying inside over this. I think its decision time. Black roof. Moving on.


Old House Chronicles: Part V

It happened! The slab was poured before it was officially 2013. Just ONE day shy of the New Year, but we made it none the less! It is amazing how small the addition looks, but I keep telling myself that it is perfectly in proportion with the rest of Old House. Today the framing started so it looks like my decisions on the addition are final. No going back now! So excited to walk through and really get a feel for the space in three dimensions! The lot looks like a mud wrestling ring, but a little bit of landscaping will remedy the situation. Is it embarrassing to have a Port-O-Can on your front lawn?