The Old House Chronicles: Part II

And so it begins… Turns out the foundation had to be repaired because we can’t add on to a subpar slab, right!? So this week has been dedicated to foundation repair and demo of the previously mentioned creepy, possibly haunted, falling-down guest house and garage. The sunroom has also been handled. Sadly, removal of two trees from the back yard is necessary to allow for our addition, but I am planning to replace them immediately after construction wraps. Can’t wait for my Japanese Maple! I am feeling good about this!

the kitchen

The Old House Chronicles: Part I

It is a fairly well know fact that I like to say YES to, well, basically everything, and I sometimes get in just a little over my head. So when Michael and I decided to procure a 1940s vintage charmer (aka Old House) near Rice University, it didn’t much matter that it possessed just two bedrooms with one (yes, one) bathroom. Or that we have 6 month old twin girls, so a home that small JUST WON’T WORK for us. Or that it needed an incredible amount of love just to make it livable: like replacing all the pipes under the slab, requiring tunnels, kinda love (and that’s just for starters). We immediately fell for the charming, ivy-enveloped facade and didn’t stop ’till it was ours. The home was also, allegedly, in an early edition of Architectural Digest which further validated it’s charm in my mind!

 So now it’s ours! Officially. We have keys and a mortgage and a super Old House to go with them But we also have BIG plans, of course! Ground is breaking this week and just in time to make our Thanksgiving holiday totally booked with house-planning. Perfect! Before we demolish the decrepit guest quarters and falling down garage, and gently remove the not-so-sunny sunroom that was tacked onto the home at some point, and then ever so carefully uninstall the existing kitchen cabinetry, I thought I would share some of the pics that made us take notice in the first place! Here are the Befores! Be sure to stay tuned for the Durings (aka “the FUN part”)and Afters! Sweeps the 2012 ASID Awards with Best of Show Award’s Cover of Houston Design Resource’s October 2012 Issue
Winner – Residential – Over 3,500 Square Feet (look familiar?)
Winner Residential Singular Space – River Oaks Residence
Winner 2012 Best of Show for our River Oaks Residence
Honorable Mention – Kitchen

Over the last five years has won 12 ASID awards. This year won an additional four awards: Residential Project over 3,500 square feet, Kitchen (Honorable Mention), Residential Singular Space and 2012 Best of Show.

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