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Blue and White; a match made in design heaven. Our friends at have fallen in love with the dynamic duo once again, and so have we! It’s such a classic look and a go to for many of our interiors.

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Today we’re spotlighting some of our favorite ways to used white and blue.

Our Beach House Retreat boasts a lovely, watery, blue. We love the myriad hues of blue, as each adds a bit of variety to the room. Paired with the clean, fresh, white walls, this room is definitely what you picture when you think of “beach house retreat”. The kitchen and the living room showing off some lively blues in everything from the refrigerator to the smallest accessory. There are so many ways to incorporate this tone into your interior!

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This room is brave, bold, and everything we love about the color combo. Contrasting white and blue with black really sets off the combo. The stripes are big enough to not be too dizzying, and offer the room a playful vibe. We love royal blue and, of course, Smeg makes a fun little fridge in the perfect color.

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Our Parkside Contemporary project gave us room to really find a bright way to decorate this outside area. We chose blue and white as our main colors, and then brought in yellow as our punch. This creates a colorful, but comfortable, color scheme that we love.

Blue and White were destined to be together. As a time-tested classic, when it comes to this color combo, you can’t go wrong.

Check out our to see some of our favorite color schemes, and let us know which one’s your favorite!

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