Hello, All!

Heading into the very thick (in Houston, this is an accurate description) of the August heat, I thought it would be great to take a look at a beautifully cool and formal, yet comfy, living room in our client’s home. Just looking at it makes me feel ten degrees cooler!

You may remember seeing of this gorgeous home: a 1920’s Georgian designed by famed architect John Staub. Our clients (a young family) gravitate towards contemporary design, and wanted to brighten the rooms and refresh the whole home to make it truly theirs.

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We started by paying close attention to materials and finishes as well as layering in lots of accent lighting, which is so very important to achieve a well layered lighting scheme. This image shows the light and bright walls, custom carpet, Donghia tete-a-tetes and Annie Selke Hayworth chairs (for Vanguard).

The next image really highlights the two Island sofas from Donghia. These are truly useful in the center of a large room like this, to provide several intimate conversational spaces.

Many of the rooms were no longer suitable for modern living, and were a bit dark. We needed to brighten the space while leaving the beautiful bones of this home intact in order to stay true to the amazing architecture.


The textures that enliven the neutral color palette keep the room lively but in a subtle way. From the gleam of glass to the wonderful soft, geometric pattern of the carpet, the metallics add a hip fashion-forward vibe without being garish or trendy.

Stay tuned for more of our favorite spaces and, as always, check out our Pinterest boards for more living rooms to love.



Dbh-biz.infomansky is a story-teller at heart. Her unique perspective and tailored design process empower her to create singular interiors for clients all over the world.