Happy Friday!

I don’t know about you but the cooler it is outside, the more difficult it is for me to drag myself out of my comfy bed! We just returned from Aspen where the mountains already have a dusting of snow and it is definitely chilly. Even though we can look forward to a couple of months worth of mild weather in Texas, it’s time to get those bedrooms ready for the cooler seasons. Here’s a shout out to our top 3 coziest bedrooms!


The best thing about this room (aside from EVERYTHING!) is the automated, black out lined, drapery. Just push a button and you have the perfect place to hibernate.

 Dbh-biz.info Interior Design Bellaire Master (5)

I love a fabulous canopy bed, especially a HUGE one! This one (made for our fave Texans player and his lovely celeb wife) is majorly over scale and super h.


And last, but certainly not least, is our Moroccan inspired bedroom. I love the thought of drawing the drapery closed and that, even though the canopy bed is generous in scale, the room feels light and airy. Perfect for when you want to crawl back in bed for the mid-afternoon nap!

Beautiful year-round, our top 3 bedrooms are even better in the Fall and Winter seasons. Show us your favorite fall bedrooms in the comments below!

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