BLVD Show House Updates: Foyer, Living and Music Room

I can’t believe how quickly the install date for the Show House is approaching – only a few more months! With the finish line in sight, we have lots of work to do. With any design project, small changes are made throughout the process so the final design looks slightly different than the original plan. We have added some new items to the original design and are in the process of finalizing the interior selections.

The house is looking great and I’m absolutely loving the process! It’s truly special getting to experience the design process journey on my own terms and for my own home. I’ll admit that is has been stressful at times and I’m feeling the time crunch, but it’s an amazing experience that I’m really enjoying. And now I have a better appreciation of what our client’s experience since I’ve been able to experience the process from their point of view.

I’m so ready to be living in my own home and say goodbye to this tiny apartment (with no doors!) that our family has been living in during the renovation. But today I’m excited to be sharing some of the progress updates for the foyer, living room and music room with you.


BLVD Show House Updates: Foyer, Living and Music Room

The design of the foyer is so me! I love the graphic black and white design. The floor will be a Conche black tile from . It’s gorgeous and I love the scalloped shape. It adds a softness and whimsical touch to space. Then Kelly Wearstler’s from Circa is super bold, helping to elevate the glamor and statement of this entryway. It pairs perfectly with the marble Kelly Wearstler in the stair landing. And for a bit of contrast, I’m painting the inside of the door black- so excited about this! I’m using Black Magic colorway from . It’s going to look great against the crisp white walls. A console and some art will complete the space.

Now to the stairs!

The stairs are the perfect spot to make a statement and this modern, edgy from Sklos will be stunning in the space. The rails and balusters will be painted in the same black hue as the front door. To tone down the graphic black and white of the space, I’m adding a soft, natural fiber carpet stair runner from Dynasty collection via Creative Flooring. It’s the perfect way to bring a bit of softness to the dramatic black and white space.

Living Room

BLVD Show House Updates: Foyer, Living and Music Room

We’ve given the living room a new layout and omitted the faux-fireplace to modernize the space. The sheetrock has been completely installed and it’s looking so different! The floors will be a handcrafted French Oak from . It’s brand new to their warehouse and I’m excited to be one of the first homes with this flooring. Schneck & Company is an expert in their field and I know it’s going to be stunning!

The living room will have reupholstered furniture and drapery in some of my favorite fabrics. I love Crypton fabrics because they’re not only beautiful but the perfect blend of function, livability, and stain-resistance. I mean these fabrics are even WINE resistant…need I say more? I’ll also be pulling in some of my favorite pieces from Dryden and giving my existing furniture new life with reupholstery by 

Music room

BLVD Show House Updates: Foyer, Living and Music Room

The music room, formerly known as the library, was dark and full of bookshelves that hid two sets of windows beneath a layer of sheetrock. We removed the sheetrock and old windows and replaced them with custom that stay true to the traditional aesthetic of our historic home. Now the space is full of natural light which is a must for my home.

We will also be using drapery in Heather Snow in the music room. It will be soft and glam with our beloved grand piano and gold chandelier from our home on Dryden. The floors will be the same French Oak from that we are using in the living room. We’ll be layering a natural-hued carpet from Unique Carpets and a luxurious zebra rug that I’m bringing over from my previous home on top of the floor. I can just imagine the girls growing up, playing and practicing the piano in this space. It’s lovely!

Moving quickly!

We’re picking up speed on this renovation with flooring and will soon be installing all the tile and hardwood floors. Then it’s time for wallpaper and paint. It’s so crazy home fast we are moving now! Stay tuned for more updates on all this progress because it’s going to be amazing. We’re getting closer to our install and tour dates which is so exciting. I can’t wait for you all to come by and check out the house once it’s completed. But until then we’ll keep sharing these sneak peeks with you.

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