Hi Everyone!

We hope you’ve all stayed safe through the hectic weather here in Houston. We unfortunately found our current office completely flooded this past Monday morning, but this did not dampen our spirits! We were, instead, fortunate enough to find that the new office braved the storm without any problems, making us here at Dbh-biz.info even more excited to be moving so soon!

Here’s a look at the progress so far:1

As you can see, the walls are up, which is such a big step. We’ll soon be able to begin more of the detailed work, now that the walls are set in place.


We discussed the final plans for the kitchen with the installers. We’re absolutely thrilled about the way the kitchen floats in the middle of our space; it’s a great set up with a ton of versatility.

Here are a few more shots:34

Here you can see the walls to our conference room and my office. We are keeping an open plan so both of these spaces will have huge sliding glass doors that open all the way. Love it!

We have great plans for this new space, and we’ve loved sharing the progress with you all so far. Be sure to check back in, there will be more updates to come in the next few weeks leading up to our big move!

Until Next Time,



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