Selecting appliances before building your next home

It’s hard to believe after all these months we finally get to call the our home! We’re ready to sit back, relax and enjoy it after all the hard work everyone put into making our dream home come to life.

I do have to admit though, it’ll definitely be strange not to make decisions about tiles, landscaping or think about appliances for the kitchen. And after having to go through the appliance selection process myself, I know how overwhelming it can be. With so many options, knowing which one is right for you and your home can be a challenge. 

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The perfect outdoor chairs for summer lounging

Can you believe the summer is right around the corner?! We’re dreaming of days spent lounging by the pool, relaxing in the backyard soaking up the sun and reminiscing about some of the stunning outdoor designs we’ve created in the past.

As my team and I have been planning for the , we’ve found some amazing pieces from our favorite vendors and have gotten tons of inspiring ideas for our summer projects. And these lounge chairs were too beautiful not to share with you.

So today, I wanted to share a few outdoor lounge chairs that will make your backyard the perfect oasis this summer.

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5 gorgeous Ann Sacks tile we can’t get enough of

As we were designing the Boulevard Show House, I knew we wanted the tile to take center stage in the , , and on the . So I worked with the experts at  (one of my go-to’s for tile) to find styles that were sophisticated, modern and elegant. We ended up with selecting some fabulous tile for our home and I’m so thrilled to have Ann Sacks as a Pine Sponsor.

But it was so hard to choose because there were so many gorgeous options! So today I wanted to share some of the other tiles I love from the new Ann Sacks tile spring 2018 collection. 

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Unique lighting fixtures for any style

Art and accessories are great ways to share your story throughout your home. But have you ever thought about using lighting? There are so many cool and unique lighting fixtures that you can use to tell your story and elevate the furnishing design. So whether you love traditional, large-scale or contemporary style lighting, there’s definitely a statement light for you.

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Best pillow styles for a perfectly polished bedroom

In any bedroom, the bed is the focal point. But when it comes to creating the perfect bed, many people tend to overlook one thing – the pillows! There are many different shapes and sizes of decorative throw pillows – square pillows, rectangular lumbars, Euro shams and bolster pillows…So how do you determine which size works best for your bed? And the answer is that it all really depends on the bed size.

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My favorite rugs that pull together any interior

Rugs play a big part in our interiors. Whether you choose a neutral or bold color, they can be a statement piece or a subtle compliment to the furnishings. No matter what rug we source, it has to match our client’s lifestyle and be beautiful, practical and suitable for everyday use. Ranging from modern to boho, to feminine and antique – here are a few of the rugs we absolutely love!

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