We are back from our trip to the Dallas Market!  Day 2 was jam packed with exploring.  Just as in years past, we found a lot of inspiration on our trip. We documented our visit so we could include you in on all the excitement.

Every show room, as a whole, was gorgeous. Each room presented a new mood and style that left a lasting impression on their product line. A few of our favorite show rooms on the second day were , , , and y.

Last but not least, we fell in love with works of Christopher Marley, particularly his Pheromone collection. The collection includes an array of designs featuring insects, sea life, and minerals. His obsession with insects actually began out of a fear of bugs, but eventually grew into an appreciation for their beauty. Marley creates a myriad of designs out of natural things like beetles, bugs, butterflies, moths, carnivorous plants, seashells and even fossils for his Pheromone collection.


Christopher Marley – Lilac Urchin Artwork

That is all we have for you today! For continued updates on our favorite vendors and their latest products, follow us on instagram (! Have you ever visited the Dallas Market? If so, who had the best show room in your opinion?

Have a great Monday!


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