Fun Website

These items are absolutely amazing! The first one is a cheese knife set so you will never ruin your good cheese again.  The middle item would be perfect for the summer barbeque’s and get- togethers…its a condiment gun ((how fun is that??)).  The last item is a lunchbox.  It helps with portion control and stacks neatly inside its case.  I really want to meet the designers of such ingenious products!

Closet Inspiration

One of our favorite area in a house is the closet!! We are obsessed with design and how so much of what we see is inspired by fashion.  Wouldn’t you just die to have one of these closets?? We sure would…especially Rachel Zoe’s!!


TURQUOISE – this season’s color!

((the different shades are just lovely))

((Black and white used as neutral accents))

((Perfect beach house!))


images via house of turquoise,, House+Beautiful, and Coco Kelley