Tour Recap of the BLVD Show House

Thank you to everyone who made the BLVD Show House such a great success! We’re so grateful to everyone who purchased a ticket and toured the Show House. Over 600 guests toured the home and we raised more than $12,000 for with your help!

We had an absolutely incredible team of sponsors and my entire team from that helped turn this old house into a real beauty. I cannot wait to show you all of the final images of the project, but we’ve got some big plans in the works that require us to keep them secret for now. 

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Selecting appliances before building your next home

It’s hard to believe after all these months we finally get to call the our home! We’re ready to sit back, relax and enjoy it after all the hard work everyone put into making our dream home come to life.

I do have to admit though, it’ll definitely be strange not to make decisions about tiles, landscaping or think about appliances for the kitchen. And after having to go through the appliance selection process myself, I know how overwhelming it can be. With so many options, knowing which one is right for you and your home can be a challenge. 

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Gorgeous copper and white kitchen inspiration

Copper is often thought of as an industrial material. But with its eye-catching, shiny surface, copper works well in both modern and more traditional kitchen spaces. It comes in a number of finishes, making it a design-flexible material perfect for use in styles ranging from mid-century modern to farmhouse, traditional and even rustic.

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3 ways to create a signature scent for your home

Do you remember the smell of your grandmother’s chocolate chip cookies baking or the fragrance your spouse was wearing on your wedding day? How about the salty ocean air from the summers you spent at the beach?

Smell is the sense most closely linked to memory. It helps us recall specific moments in time and is an . Without our sense of smell, it’s easier for our memories to fade.

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