Full disclosure: I am certainly not an expert chef… Honestly, cooking kind of freaks me out! That said, what I lack in culinary know-how, I make up for in my love for designing the perfect spaces for others to create delicious masterpieces! In my classically current designs, I love creating a space where laughter and memories happen. From bubbly brunches to Sunday dinners, weekend celebrations and even homework time, the kitchen easily becomes one of the most central places to gather in a home – making it one of the most important spaces.

Throughout a kitchen’s interior design process, functionality and livability need to coexist with fabulous style. Here are my top priorities when designing the kitchen of your dreams.

Interior Design

Efficiency and Functionality

When I do (rarely) find myself whipping something up in the kitchen, I really enjoy an organized and uncluttered work area. When kitchen essentials are piling up on the countertops, your space will feel cramped and unorganized – yuck!

If you want a storage-friendly space, look into installing the latest in uber-organized kitchen cabinetry. I love pullout shelves on ultra-smooth slides. Well-functioning hardware just makes me happy. These clean-gliding shelves not only create more storage for pots, pans and other countertop appliances (like that smoothie maker you religiously used for a week and then forgot about), they fully extend so you can use them from front to back. You will never lose anything again! This clears space to leave countertops clean and organized. For additional insight on how to declutter your home, Trulia provided in a recent guest blog!

Houston Interior Design Kitchen

Another suggestion for your kitchen is plentiful seating at the island. Islands offer extra prep space and double as barriers between the kitchen and dining area for those with open floor plans.  The extra seating is ideal for cocktail parties or even for your little ones to do homework as you cook. Multifunctional at its finest! Additionally, if you opt for backless stools, you can slide them fully under the counter and pretend like they don’t exist, should the mood strike.

Open Interior Design

Classic Kitchen Interior

Creative Kitchen Essentials

I love blending contemporary and traditional styles when it makes sense, and the kitchen provides the perfect opportunity for this mix. In the recent past, we specified a lot of stainless steel appliances, but I’m excited to see creativity popping up in these kitchen essentials. Using colorful appliances or panel-ready appliances (disguise them like a cabinet door!) instantly elevates a kitchen’s aesthetic as a whole and make the space unique.

For example, offers a wide variety of unique designs that bring color and quality to a kitchen to make a fabulous classically current statement. Ranges from (as in my own kitchen!) or are fabulous and fun appliances to incorporate into your kitchen.

Retro Kitchen Design

Adding these pops of color throughout the area presents touches of character in the space and creates a welcoming atmosphere for a variety of occasions. With every blank slate I approach, I make it top priority to include the client’s personality and style, while still allowing room for a functional living space.

Unique Kitchen Interior Design

For example, one of my clients wanted to include a nod to her native country and what better way than to bring in this striking  wrapped with the iconic UK flag? Talk about a personal statement piece! Vibrant colors and patterns like this work great in the kitchen, and I just love what it did to the space.

Unique Kitchen Fridge

Let There Be Light!

Last, but certainly not least, are a top priority in all of my interiors! Most homes have recessed lighting as a standard in kitchens – which illuminate a room nicely and evenly. However, beyond the ambient lighting in a room, take a chance and go for some fab pendant lights or a statement chandelier.

These industrial and sleek copper pendants from fit perfectly in this warm, rustic kitchen. The branch chandelier from brings the outdoors in, which is perfect for this Aspen getaway.

Rustic Kitchen Interior Design

Kitchen Interior Design

In any kitchen, pendant lighting is a stylish look. It creates a welcoming environment, ideal for celebrations and dinners with family and friends. From clean and contemporary, to industrial, to classic crystal, lighting truly elevates a kitchen design.

No matter how you like to make a statement in your kitchen, I hope you find the balance between fabulous and functional. The finished product will always come together, unlike most of the meals I attempt to make :(. For more interior inspirations and design insight, head over to my and !



Dbh-biz.infomansky is a story-teller at heart. Her unique perspective and tailored design process empower her to create singular interiors for clients all over the world.