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Last week we got a glimpse of what individual pieces are making waves in the interior design world, but what about the big picture? Let’s take a step back and see what’s predicted to happen on a larger scale.

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Bringing a bit of shimmer and shine to your design – metallics are a must. It’s important not to go overboard though. Using a metallic accent gives your space a splash of glam without turning into an all-metal makeover.We loved incorporating metallic light fixtures into our Memorial Park Modern project. It really activated the space with the contrast of copper.

Spice it up a bit by trying out new patterns and wallpapers. If you’re not up for patterns covering your walls, go a bit more subtle by using patterns for your accessories instead. We adore the new  tablecloth so much that I brought it into my own home.


Color, color, and more color! We love that this trend is only getting stronger. Whether you’re looking to coat the room in layers of color or just trying to make your space pop a bit more, the trend experts at say you can’t go wrong. Blue is a key color to look out for, and a color that will last for seasons to come.

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Don’t forget to balance your new modern look with a touch of nature. Try something new by bringing in an exotic wooden piece or go for a smaller touch like a plant or exotic stone. Nothing says home like a live green thing! We love this space from our Bellaire project, it uses those blues we love so much and brings in a statement wooden centerpiece!

We are incorporating these trends and others into our current interiors to really give them some punch. Like us on and to see what other design innovations we are loving this year!

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